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Forum inside the Game
I dont know if it was asked before. But i use to play this game , B3 , and they had the forum inside the game. You basically went there and post it without need it the login and doing trou a email etc.

So Admin, do you think you may be able to code it in such a way we get it inside the game? It will be so much better... as each player can post and then decisions can be taken not on 6players suggestion but everyone who is active there. :roll:

Besides... it will be a better help for newbies as well.. not all of them are trying to get here ... but by having it inside the game.. it will be much easier to access...

So what are you all saying? Can it be done? Big Grin
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
I agree more people have to get involved in the forums, but an in game forum sounds to me like it would only occupy valuable server space. Besides, if they are not willing to hit the button that sits right there, why would they hit one that tkes them to a new page?

I do not mean to sound negative, I am honestly curious. Written words do not convey the emotion as well as we may like some days. :-)
something like in travians you mean?
sounds good
sounds a good idea to me but i also can see where the bear is coming from with her comments
Yes i understand Miss Bear point of view.. but we need to think for the game as well. I know for a fact that if the forum is inside the game more people will be there as its much easier to access. We need people to involved.. we need the newbies to involve themselfs in this forum. And we cannot do it by forcing them to come here but perhaps if its in the game we got a very good excuse not.. to pardon them Wink Big Grin

We cannot take decisions anymore based on just 6-7players suggestions.. we need to make sure we wont be pointed as the ones to change the game for us and not for them. Thats all i am thinking of right now. Too much bad , weird words have been said and to be honest i am getting myself tired of them so i think an In Game Forum will help us much much better! :roll:
Nothing is forever...and everything is forever...

Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.
I don`t want it inside the game. The risk of hacking the game will grow Smile
How about using a single login and password for board and game?
This will bypass the steps to create a new id and password just for board.
Also encourage new players to post in the board by giving all new players a welcome mail from admin.... something like a new mail in the inbox.

This will 'pull' players to the board instead of players clicking on 'board' to find out what it is.

Ultimately,this will re-solved the possible contraints as mentioned in this thread
-does not take up server space
-more players will post as no need to create id and password again
-'pulling' factor,welcome mail to tell them about the board.
-does not increase hacking risk

Just sharing my 2-cents worth
well, this is phpbb3 .. and can`t register to the game, and forum in the same time. 2 different things.. 2 different databases.
Thanks for sharing

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