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Hi all Big Grin

Topic is Hall of Fame....
What is that about?
well to me it is a benchmark of strength, training stats, investing time,money and energy.

Now with the new attack system its even more important than before .

Also now its screwed up. Labour has been bought in huge amounts. For those who do not know, an item can be bought to increase labour by 1% of what already is owned. Some players have used this, now having billions in stats.
Rest of the stats are low but due to the huge labour amount they go from no where to top 5. Strength wise they are the same as before using the labour item.

Before I get attacked from all sides on this post, yes I am very aware that any one can play how they want etcetc.......

but I do think that hof now has lost its prestige and credibility as a nr 1 spot now can be bought and has nothing to do with hard earned stats.

I was told it was done * for fun * Im sorry but I see no fun in that move whatsoever.
I agree on that one with Z.Completely.
Labor should be excluded from total stats.
All I can safely say, Z, is I hope whoever is wasting their money learns before it is too late, even money can become scarce here.

My labor will get me what I need and no more. The rest of my energy will go to where I feel it is more important. Think twice about just "buying" levels and Stats, players. We all know respect cannot be bought, just rented.
Perhaps their idea of "fun" was to see you get upset?

And on the other hand...who cares? It's not like being in the HOF gets you anything except some bragging rights...if you actually want them. Perhaps I have a rather different attitude about it because I know that no matter what I do, I will never...ever...catch most of you in stats. Not unless you completely quit training for months. I simply don't have the time to dedicate to that kind of play and missed out on the money/house opportunities that most of the top players had. Not a complaint, a simple truth.

So someone tweaked your nose a little bit and got #1 in the HOF. I'd say he got the reaction he was searching for.
think im done with this topic.. why do I even bother..... :evil:

Scuse me for trying to keep the game fair for all......
how stupid of me to want to do that.
How about this;

Divide stats into combat stats(celerity,potence and fortiude),and total stats which will include all off them plus labor and iq.Or just ad combat stats in hof as separate option.
Would that be possible to do?
Now wait a minute, Catcher. I did not have all the advantages of money of many other players, most of the ones in the HoF now also are about the same game age as you, if not even younger. Not levels, days in game.

No excuses allowed!

Either you chose to spend the time and energy working on your stats or you do not. If you do not care about the hoF, that is ypur business. I for one have fought hard to keep my numbers where they keep me in the HoF, and I know it means nothing in R/L. It does matter in the game, thiough, and the game is all we are discussing.

We should KNOW, without question, if someone is more than a rank or two above you in the HoF, she/he is much stronger and faster than you are, and thus is someone to hold a certain type of respect for. You do not have to like it, but you must admit they can probably kick your butt any time, any place.

As for who cares...if you do not care, why be rude to those who do? Not all players chose to be peaceful. I think in a War game, stats in the HoF should reflect your ability to wage war, and labor is not part of that equation. Is IQ? I do not know, but if it is not part of the fighting equation, IQ should also be dismissed from the Stats HoF total.
And within minutes Admin fixed it.Thank you Admin.

Topic closed.

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